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What We Do.

SONAR CMS, known as SONAR, is the first Health and Justice (H&J) Case Management System with the objective of reducing reoffending through the design and usage of smart technology to enable better management of interventions and improved outcomes.

SONAR’s objective it to reduce re-offending with targeted, appropriate and timely interventions.  Ultimately, we aim to assist in the restoration of people's lives through a joined up case management pathway and to break the costly cycle of re-offending.

The user experience was designed by key stakeholders from across the board within the ‘blue-light’ and H&J communities with an intuitive look and feel. This includes the latest technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

SONAR reduces risks, reduces costs, increases productivity, and improves outcomes regardless of the touch point, be it police, courts, prisons, probation,  “signposting” community services, charities and others.

The App


One platform where you can access all tools and data together. 

Access to data from anywhere

SONAR can be accessed via the world wide web and the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN). This enables a multitude of staff, organisations, agencies and others to access the relevant data from anywhere.

NHS SPINE Integration

SONAR is fully compliant with all NHS standards for accessing the Patient Demographic Service (PDS) and the Summary Care Record (SCR).  SONAR will soon have National Care Records Service (NCRS) including National Record Locator Service (NRLS).

Multi-agency approach & usage

SONAR is modular in design and has a module for each step in the journey through criminal justice, be that Street Triage, Police Custody, Courts, Community Health and Social Care Support.

Real Time Reporting & Trend Analysis

Data is key and with real time reporting built in, SONAR, can provide all key stakeholders with timely, accurate and relevant data and reports to match their requirements.



Communication Between Key Stakeholders

With real time referrals to any authorised party, SONAR can share the relevant referral data to others. This then increases the chance of effective interventions and outcomes.


Workload Management

SONAR is designed to show the user their current workload, referrals, review and other actions required of them. This is through a simple friendly, familiar and intuitive web portal.

Users can prioritise their workload or allow SONAR to do that for them. All of this can be reported on and can match any KPI/SLA.


Fully Integrated with NHS Spine Services

SONAR is compliant with all NHS standards for accessing patient data. Data is accessed using the Personal Demographic Service (PDS), and the Summary Care Record (SCR).


Dashboard And KPI/SLA Reporting

Reporting is real time and can be per staff member, per location, per contract, per region or any other specific reporting requirement. SONAR is designed to allow a data extract to enable stakeholders the ability to analysis the data as per their requirements.

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